Our Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Our Pledge

Here at Triomph, we proudly stand by every product we distribute.

Triomph warrants all products to be of the highest quality in material, craftsmanship and service for minimum of 1 year, effective from the date of purchase. Warranty lengths may vary between product categories. For specific warranty terms, please refer to your product listing page or product operation manual.

We know that maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle is a constant challenge. At Triomph we want to give you the tools and confidence to meet the challenge head on. Triomph is devoted to designing, developing and manufacturing innovative health care products to meet the needs of our customers.

Every product that Triomph manufactures carries our 100% Triomph Satisfaction Guarantee, which is our pledge to you. This pledge ensures that every item you purchase from Triomph, regardless of retailer, meets your high standards—or you can return it for a replacement or refund.